UPDATE: SYTYCW 2011 runs Nov 7th – Nov 11th

Website(live Nov 3): https://www.soyouthinkyoucanwrite.com

Twitter Account: @HarlequinSYTYCW

Hashtag: #SYTYCW2

2010 SYTYCW Editorial Week

Does your imagination run wild with vivid characters? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a USA TODAY bestselling author? Well, our editors want to make those dreams come true. We are hungry to find talented new writers for Harlequin Books. Through podcasts, blogs, and discussions with our expert editors and current authors, we’re going to help you understand the appeal of the romance genre. And there’s a special daily challenge with feedback that will give some great insights into crafting the perfect story. So for the next week, come by to hone your skills and get started on the path to publication. So you think you can write? Here’s your chance to show us!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first So You Think You Can Write editorial event! We’re absolutely delighted in all of the questions and responses we received. If you missed part or all of the events and postings, don’t fret; you can still read and listen to all of the content that we posted over the course of the event. For blog posts, check out the SYTYCW tag here on the blog, all of the podcasts – as well as many more that can help you write your romance novel – can be found on the Harlequin Extras page, and the webinars we presented are located here (What’s the Difference?) and here (The Last Word).

And remember, if you’ve decided to participate in our final writing challenge to submit a synopsis and first chapter of your manuscript, please send it to ucanwrite@harlequin.ca. Make sure to add “SYTYCW First Chapter & Synopsis” to the subject line and submit it by 6:00pm EDT on December 15th. All of the submissions received by then will receive a response from our editorial team by January 31st! Only one submission per person, please (if we receive more than one, only the first will be evaluated).


  • Meet 50+ editors who want to buy your book
  • Join community discussions with savvy writers in the know
  • Listen to podcasts with editors and authors
  • Chat live with editors in the Harlequin Community
  • Participate in a webinar with editors (Sign-up at this link)
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Take part in the daily challenge to test your writing skills
  • Submit your story to the Harlequin editors!

Note: This is a tentative So You Think You Can Write schedule. We have loads more events planned! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #SYTYCW for up-to-the-minute information and updates.

Legend Harlequin Blog Twitter Podcast Live Chat Webinar Community
Nov 1 Nov 2 Nov 3 Nov 4 Nov 5
Why Write a Romance Novel? Starting Your Book Submitting Your Book Revising Your Book Making the Sale
9am Kick-off welcome on the Harlequin Blog! How to Write a Great First Chapter A Week in the Life of an Editor Stories for the Soul
10am Why Write Romance? Succeeding as a Romance Writer Harlequin Ed Critique Challenge 1 Results Harlequin Ed Critique Challenge 2 Results Fiction Can Be Murder… Harlequin Ed Critique Challenge 3 Results Harlequin Ed Critique Challenge 4 Results
11am Harlequin Editorial Critique Challenge 1 Announcement Harlequin Editorial Critique Challenge 2 Announcement Harlequin Editorial Critique Challenge 3 Announcement Harlequin Editorial Critique Challenge 4 Announcement Harlequin Editorial Critique Challenge 5 Announcement
12pm 200 Books and Counting Choosing Character Names Dr. Author and Ms. Copy Editor Multicultural Writing the Word on the Street
1pm The Harlequin What’s My First Line Challenge The Best Sex I Ever Had…I Wrote Mailing it Off Writing Visually-If When Harry Met Sally Was a Book
2pm USA TODAY List Here I Come! Counterpoint to Sexy Yes, you should have margins! Paranormal Plots You Can Sink Your Teeth Into It’s a Family Affair
3pm How I Became a Romance Writer What’s the Difference? Mainstream vs Category The Last Word
4pm Book of Your Heart vs Book You Sell The “Aha” Moment – The End of Predictability in Romance Writing “I Can Relate to That!” Books on Writing
All Day Writing Around the World What’s Your Routine? Meet 50+ Editors Who Want to Buy Your Book! Change is Good: Why Revisions are Necessary Questions
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