Celebrate the National Day of the Cowboy with 5 Passionate Stories

Tomorrow is National Day of the Cowboy, and we’re celebrating with books that feature unforgettable and passionate romances with a Western edge. Here are 5 reads you definitely won’t be able to put down!

Engaging Brooke by Dara Girard

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Brooke Palmer needs to find a husband before she looses her family home forever. Jameson Broward only loves his ranch, so he can appreciate Brooke’s desire to protect her legacy. If you love marriage of convenience stories, this is definitely a cowboy story you have to pick up! You won’t be able to put this book down as you watch their business-like union transform into so much more!

Cowboy Above the Law by Delores Fossen

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This cowboy is here to save the day. Deputy Court McCall wants to put criminals behind bars, and when he thinks the mysterious Rayna Travers is guilty of shooting his father, he’s ready to make things right. However, it turns out Rayna is an innocent pawn and the game is so much bigger than he anticipated. If you’re looking for a dedicated cowboy hero who wants to make things right, you’ll fall for Court immediately!

Lone Star Secrets by Cat Shield

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If you really want to heat things up, you’ll definitely want to pick up this read full of passion and excitement. Will Sanders had his identity stolen, and now he is ready to fight to take back his life. Too bad Will’s double duped Megan Sanders into marrying him instead of the real deal! She’s unsure of this new Will, but soon passion ignites between them into a steamy romance.

Branded by Stacy Gail

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Continuing our exploration of hot cowboy heroes, this is one sexy story you definitely need to add to your eReader. Forced to work together, Celia and Ryland discover that the attraction they once felt for each other did not fade with time. Now the two must face down Ryland’s secret past together, and Celia must decide if she’s wants to stay with him—the man who has always wanted her.

Roped In by A.M. Arthur

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Our sexy cowboy list wouldn’t be complete without this passionate male/male read! Colt Woods is using his time at Clean Slate Ranch to heal from a horrible break up…only to come face to face with Avery Hendrix, who is in town for a research job. The two share a cabin and familiar feelings return, which results in plenty of steamy nights together!


Do you have a favorite cowboy hero? Let us know in the comments section below which Western reads we need to add to our TBR pile!

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  1. Finn
    July 28, 2018 at 12:22 am

    Con Valian, The quick and the dead. A LaLMoure book. Also, Dal Traven, a gold miner and cowboy. Another Luis LaMoore. May need sex them up a bit.

    • Elissa
      July 30, 2018 at 10:24 am

      Thanks for the recommendations, Finn! 🙂

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