What’s New With Sam and Nick in Fatal Mistake, Fatal Series Book 6?

by Marie Force, author of the Fatal Series (Carina Press)

Here we are at book six of the Fatal Series, and you may be wondering, “What else does she have to say about the same characters?” Turns out I have plenty left to say about Sam and Nick and their friends and family! In Fatal Mistake, out this week everywhere e-books are sold, Sam and Nick’s romance is hotter than ever—and they are adjusting to their new role as parents to Scotty, the 12-year-old boy they are adopting.

Writing Sam and Nick becoming parents was among the best experiences I’ve had as an author. Sam has been tested every which way by infertility, and Nick has never had much of a family until he married his Samantha. Together they are fumbling through the adjustments that come with adding to their family, but in this case the addition is a boy about to enter the teenage years. As Nick says at one point, they are going from the frying pan to the fire of adolescence without the earlier years to prepare themselves. Ready or not, here it comes!

One of my favorite scenes in Fatal Mistake is when Scotty asks Nick about a term he heard at school. He doesn’t want to show his ignorance to his new friends so he asks his new dad what a blowjob is. Nick’s reaction to the question as well as his fumbling response had me laughing until I cried while I was writing it. And I can feel for Nick because this scene was taken straight from the annals of real life. My son asked me that same question when he was in fifth grade, and I screamed. So Nick handled it far better than I did. When I was done screaming, I called my husband into the room to deal with the explanations.

In Fatal Mistake, when Nick tells Sam about the blowjob conversation, the hilarity continues. Rather than tell you, how about I show you?

“You won’t believe what he asked me about.”



Sam lifted her head off his chest, and he wished the light were on so he could see her expression. “Are you freaking kidding me? Where the hell did he hear about that?”

. . .

He said anyone who likes that has something wrong with him. I said there’s nothing wrong with me.”

“You did not! Oh my God, Nick! Now he’ll know we do that. Or that I do it.”

. . .

“I’d like to unsubscribe from the vocabulary conversations.”

“No problem,” he said, smiling. “How about I handle anything in the penis department?”

“That’d be awfully good of you.”

So yes, I have plenty left to say on behalf of Sam and Nick! I hope you’ll continue to come along on their wild ride. I’m having so much fun writing them and hope to continue the series for many more adventures. If you haven’t yet checked out the Fatal Series, book 1, Fatal Affair, is currently free everywhere e-books are sold.

Tell me this: What questions from your kids have made you scream?

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