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The Harlequin Blog provides Harlequin readers and fans daily posts on our authors, books, events and more in every series, imprint and beyond. From book trailers to author signings, and everything in between, we’re opening our doors and letting everyone take a look at what is new from Harlequin.

Email harlequinblog@gmail.com for inquiries.

Our blog contributors come from all parts of the company, from editors to CEOs, web techs to production managers. Below is a select list of contributors from Harlequin HQ:

Stacy Boyd—Senior Editor. In the office, she manages Harlequin Desire. Out of the office, she lives in Brooklyn and spends a lot of time online or in a book.

Jenny Bullough—Manager of Fulfillment. When she’s not managing the production of 300+ Harlequin titles into multiple eBook formats every month or teaching authors how to use digital media and social networks to connect with readers, Jenny enjoys playing with her two little girls. She is a voracious reader, a TV junkie, and an e-reading evangelist.

Eleanor Elliott—Director, Digital Capabilities. Eleanor leads the charge on Harlequin.com and Harlequin’s eBook business. While not working with her team on delivering the best bookstore experience possible, she’s reading, watching TV (sci-fi & reality TV are her faves), cooking something tasty, or rolling around on the floor with her toddler.

Katie Fisher—Director of New Business Development, spends most of her working hours helping Harlequin’s 14 overseas operating units grow their internet, digital and direct marketing businesses. In the process, she has learned that keeping track of world time zones is an ongoing process and that Google Language Tools can be a girl’s best friend.

Joanne Grant—Senior Editor, Editorial Core Series. Landing a job at Harlequin Mills & Boon was a dream come true for Joanne—she’s an avid reader and a hopeless romantic. She lives in the leafy suburbs, not far from Romance HQ with her very own hero (her husband’s a policeman), and a ridiculously large (but not fat!) ginger and white cat.

Jayne Hoogenberk—the Community Manager for Harlequin.com, Harlequin Enterprise’s online home for readers, writers and romance fiction enthusiasts. When not leading her team of crack moderators in our forums and blogs, she is often found expressing emotion through smileys, improperly using ellipses, and frequently ending her sentences with exclamation points!!!

Mary-Theresa Hussey—Executive Editor. (Aka Matrice) Book Hoarder of the office. Avid TV watcher. Farmville addict (for the moment!). Always looking for the next great story.

Amy Loosemore—Manager, Online Engagement. That means Amy is behind all kinds of Harlequin’s digital projects like Harlequin.com splash pages, email newsletters, Twitter, I Heart Presents blog, Paranormal Romance Blog and, of course, The Harlequin Blog!

Emily Ohanjanians—Editorial for Harlequin MIRA, is always looking for juicy acquisitions. When she’s not reading books, she’s trying out new recipes and wishing desperately that she could dance.

Michelle Renaud— Senior Manager, Public Relations.

Marianna Ricciuto—Manager, Digital Commerce. Avid reader, cowboy aficionado, and proud supporter of the black jelly bean.

Emily Rodmell is the Editor for Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense and Love Inspired Historical. A Florida girl living in NYC, she lives for sunny days she can spend lounging in Central Park (with a good book, of course).

Leslie Wainger has been an editor since she was very, very young. Now that she’s only one-very young, she still loves editing, but she’s also found time to train her dog, volunteer at the Bronx Zoo and watch way too much TV.

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  1. Look forward to reading all of these great books!

  2. Deb Podhorny

    Would like to win free books supposed to leave a comment it wouldn’t let me

  3. I think robin carr is one of the best writers there is. love your books.

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