Big Changes Are Coming to!

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Big changes are coming for! We’ve been hard at work redesigning the site to provide a better experience for you, our readers. Along with a fresh new look and feel, we’re also combining our two Print and Ebook stores into one primary book site!

The site has also been visually refreshed to better highlight both our books and content such as online reads, videos, articles, and social media events.

So what will you need to know?

  • All print and ebooks will be available at — no separate area for ebooks! Each book page will list all formats available so you can easily find the format you prefer.
  • This also means one complete search engine, so you’ll be able to find all available formats of your book through one simple search.
  • For ebook readers, all previously purchased ebooks will be available in the improved Ebook Bookshelf. Your ebook store account will be carried over to (if you have both print and ebook store accounts, log in with your most recently created account info).
  • All the great content you love at will still be available, including our free online reads, videos, reviews, the Harlequin Community and more.

Please note that as a result of the print and ebook stores merger, the ebook wishlist feature is being discontinued. Please take note of any titles you have saved on your wishlist.

Here’s a sneak peek of the new homepage, and keep an eye out for the brand-new coming soon!


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15 Responses to Big Changes Are Coming to!

  1. When will these new changes take place?

  2. Hi Jo,
    The new site will launch in a couple of weeks. We’re doing a lot testing right now :)

  3. Excellent. Though I can’t buy the print books from here (being Australian), I always struggled when linking for blog posts or finding excerpts, because everything was separated!

  4. I’ve been reading Harlequin books for over 35 years & they still have the best stories & authors around. Keep it up guys! Your biggest fan. PLK

  5. Cecily Vandzandt

    Will PayPal be an option?

  6. Shirley Trego

    I agree with Patt Kimball. Also I would like to see lower prices on the e-books. At present there is not that much difference between the price of e-books and price of paperbacks. Since there are no shipping charges, no printing charges, it seems that e-books should be cheaper.

  7. polly oakley

    Would like to be able to buy books for my kindle on this site…

  8. Sites are worthless right now. Can’t open my eharlequin bookmark.

    We’re Sorry!

    The eBook store is currently down for maintenance until 2 p.m. on Saturday, September 28th.

    Uh…it’s Sunday 9/29 now, what happened to 2pm? New page isn’t working yet. The one thing that I hated about the old page was the book descriptions. Looks like it’s worse on the new page. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hover over the title and get a synopsis on the story?

  9. @ Polly — Unfortunately Kindle is a proprietary format so Harlequin cannot sell Kindle format from our site. However, there is a link to Amazon on each book detail page to take you directly to the book on their site.

    @ Cecily — There are currently no plans for Pay Pal.

    @ Pat — Apologies for the trouble with the site! The integrated since is now live at but we’re having some server issues. If you’re still getting an error page, but please try again in a couple of minutes and if problems persist please email customerservice @ harlequin . com

  10. Trying to buy ebooks, I now get the message that they don’t
    sell to “my territory” anymore!!! What’s going on??????
    I’m in Australia and have bought plenty of books in the past.

  11. Hi Els, please contact for assistance.

  12. Hi
    Iam also in Australia and have bought my ebooks from Harlequin since I got my first ereader when I sent them a email about this all I got back was this must have been a system error it must have been a big system error. When I sent another email wanting to know more about this well Iam still waiting for the reply and that was back in October. Very disappointed with and although I cant use it any more it is not as good as the old one there is less info on books. I also imagine that their sales have gone down as Iam not the only one this happened too.

  13. I also am in New Zealand and told today I couldn’t buy books in my territory although I could a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been buying ebooks from – Harlequin for years since I got my first ereader. Has Harlequin finally managed to completely alienate me? The Australian site DOES NOT have the books I want.

    • Hi cls,
      For several years now we have had territory restrictions in place that do not allow us to sell eBooks in the U.K., New Zealand or Australia. Please note that this is not a change as a result of the redesign of our website though the fact that you have been able to continue to purchase from us must have been a technical error on our part. Please accept our apologies and we are very sorry to lose your business. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact You can also contact Mills and Boon’s Australia/NZ office via their website about their ebook program if there particular titles you are looking for.
      Thank you,
      ~Amy from Harlequin

  14. Susan Cunningham

    Hi I am also a New Zealander who has purchased over 100 ebooks from this site and I am now in the same boat as the rest of us. Tried the Mills and Boon website in Australia but it is just horrible. I’m in the same boat and it looks like the harlequin is the ones who will miss out as I am also wondering if I’m going to bother buying Harlequin books anymore.

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