Music Soothes the Heart

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One thing that we don’t often talk about at the Romance Mothership is the other side of Happily-Ever-After, which is kind of funny because a lot of romance novels begin with the hero or heroine (or sometimes even both characters) hurt by past relationships. For some, that’s part of the process of falling in love—getting over that last big hurt.

It also doesn’t just happen in fiction. Loads of people have to get over their old hurts before they can learn to love again. It’s a part of the human condition. There are loads of ways to cope. In Kristan HigginsAll I Ever Wanted, which I’m reading right now, Callie Grey has a “happily-ever-after” rocking chair she retreats to with cake batter when she’s feeling blue. My friend recently had a pity party for one, which I crashed with a bottle of wine and poutine. For me, part of the healing process comes from listening to music.

One song that really hit home with me was Goyte’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”. Like a lot of people, I first heard the tune when this video came out:

It’s sublimely perfect to hear five people make so much music come out of one guitar.

Today I finally listened to the original and I feel it’s much more intimate and real, perhaps because it was written by Gotye himself, so the emotional weight of his version is heavier than the cover (nearly always the case). And it made me think of other songs that have helped me get over my own big hurts in the past, in particular Adele’s “First Love”.

These days I’m in a new, happy relationship. But even though I’m disgustingly in love, music still has an effect on me. (I’m a musician; it’s kind of hard not to let it affect me!) So I thought I would share these two pieces on this cold and rainy Friday afternoon and ask what do you listen to when you’re on the down-and-outs? Hoping you’re not, but even if you are, remember that music can sooth the heart.

And if music alone can’t do it…there’s always cake batter. :)

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3 Responses to Music Soothes the Heart

  1. Kathleen O

    I put on a selection of music… Some to make me cry, some to make me tap my foot to and some to make what to get up and dance… Right now I am listening to Stevie Wonders “For Once in My Life”…

  2. Cheers to love and new relationships!

    Kathleen, I love For Once In My Life.

  3. I love Stevie Wonder, Kathleen! I totally dig “All I Do”. :)

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