Backlist ebooks: More Favorite Miniseries and Authors On Sale Now!

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by Amy Wilkins, Assistant Manager, Digital Content and Social Media

Last month, Jenny Bullough filled you in on all of Harlequin’s efforts to convert our MASSIVE backlist into ebooks. This month we have another round of titles coming out–191 to be exact! Click the link below to download an excel document listing these new releases, as well as the authors, imprints, and miniseries they belong to:

June 2010 Harlequin Backlist eBooks List.

Here are some highlights, many of which were in response to reader demand:

Catherine Mann‘s Wingmen Warriors series
Kate Hoffmann‘s Mighty Quinns series (including the spin-off single titles) from Desire, Kathie DeNosky and Emilie Rose
• The oh-so-prolific Christine Rimmer (including more of the Bravo Family)

All these titles can now be purchased at the Harlequin eBook Store and anywhere else Harlequin eBooks are sold.

Check back next month when I’ll give you the list of more backlist ebooks released in July! Including some of your authors like Teresa Southwick, Maureen Child, Justine Davis, Merline Lovelace and more.

Do you have other authors, miniseries, or books you’d like to see released in ebook? Leave your request in a comment!


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28 Responses to Backlist ebooks: More Favorite Miniseries and Authors On Sale Now!

  1. susan arsenault

    i would love ebooks of emma goldrick, hawk’s prey by carole mortimer, lee damon,essie summers

  2. Jay Joseph

    Not to be repetitive but I would love to purchase ebooks of the oldies: Celine Conway, anne Hampspn, Essie Summers, Rebecca Stratton to name a few- all those I read as a teen. Thanks

  3. Keith Harris

    Would appreciate Essie Summers collection in eBook. Regards, KH

  4. stellans

    I would like Essie Summers books in ebook format as well, and those of Mary Burchell and Betty Neels as well. I reread the books written by these authors the most often, and my paperback copies are sadly tattered by now.

  5. Debra Lipe

    It seems that I am not the ONLY one who wants to see Essie Summers in ebooks. I keep looking and checking for this. I see by other comments that OTHERS also want her. Do you think any time soon?

  6. Gaynor Glenn

    Essie Summers and Jacqueline Gilbert are 2 favourites of mine I would like in e-books

  7. Can I add my name to the Essie Summers chorus too, please? Thanks!

  8. I would love to see the early titles in the Conard County series by Rachel Lee: Exile’s End, Miss Emmaline and the Archangel, etc.

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